The Coffee Experiments

Brew Method: Pour Over

Coffee experiments pourover v60

The classic pour over is a filtered, non-immersion style brew method. Also known as the V-60, bee house, melitta or kalita drip, coffee made using the pour over method is clean, with a refined flavor and smooth finish.

Pour Over Brew Calculator

    • Small Cone
      V1 - #2 - 280ml
    • Regular
      V2 - #4 - 350ml
    • 1:14
    • 1:15
    • 1:16
    • 1:18
    • 1 small mug
    • 1 mug
  • Instructions

    Coffee experiments instructions pourover1

    1. Fold the filter paper at the seam and place it in a clean cone.

    Coffee experiments instructions pourover2

    2. Preheat water and using a slender spout water kettle, pour over the filter into mug to rinse filter paper and warm all the vessels.

    Coffee experiments instructions pourover3

    3. Weigh out the correct number of beans on a scale and grind them with a burr grinder.

    Coffee experiments instructions pourover4

    4. Place rinsed and warmed filter, dripper and mug on the scale. Place the fresh grounds into the dripper and give it a gentle shake to flatten the bed of grounds. Tare the scale. (Remember to remove the pre-heat water from step 2 before adding water to the grounds!)

    Coffee experiments instructions pourover5

    5. Starting at the center, pour the water in a slow and even spiral over the grounds to fully saturate the beans and remove air pockets. Then let bloom for 30sec.

    Coffee experiments instructions pourover6

    6. Using the scale to measure, continue to pour the remaining water ratio over the grounds. Be careful to not let the water level rise above the bed of grounds in the dripper, so this should take a few minutes to complete brewing.

    Coffee experiments instructions pourover7

    7. When the last desired drips have drained from the dripper, remove the apparatus from the mug to drink.

    Pour Over Variables

    Source Bean:H2O Time Grind Temp Bean
    Blue Bottle:
    30-45s bloom 2.5min brew sea-salt coarse 200°F delicate and complex, simple and clean
      Bee House
    30s bloom, 2.5min brew table-salt fine 205°F an easy and convenient way to brew excellent coffee at home
    Ritual Coffee:
    30-45s bloom #4.5 fine 205°F a delicate and complex acidity and ripe, fruited sweetness
    Sight Glass:
    30s bloom, 3.5min brew medium-fine 1min after boiling brews quickly and makes a nuanced, balanced cup
    30s bloom, 3 min brew medium after boil delicious.