The Coffee Experiments

Brew Method: French Press

Coffee experiments press

The French Press (Press Pot, or Cafetiere) is a full immersion, non-filtered brew method. The resulting coffee tends to be full bodied with a heavier mouth-feel and an oilier finish than methods that use a paper filter.

Press Brew Calculator

    • 3c Press
      12oz - 350ml
    • 4c Press
      17-21oz - 600ml
    • 8c Press
      34oz - 1000ml
    • 12c Press
      51oz - 1500ml
    • 1:10
    • 1:11
    • 1:14
    • 1:16
  • 1000g
    • 1+ mug
    • 2 mugs
    • 2 big mugs
    • 4 mugs
  • Instructions

    Coffee experiments preheat water

    1. Preheat water and pour a small amount into the French Press and desired drinking vessel to warm them up.

    Coffee experiments grind beans

    2. Measure beans on scale according to bean water ratio and grind beans in burr grinder. (Remember to remove the pre-heat water from step 1 before adding coffee to the French Press!)

    Coffee experiments bloom press

    3. Put the grounds into the French Press on a scale, then tare. Pour a splash of water to cover all the beans, stir, and let bloom for 30sec.

    Coffee experiments immersion press

    4. Using the scale to measure, pour the remaing water into the French Press and cover with the lid but do not plunge.

    Coffee experiments plunge press

    5. After the 4 min of immersion time, give the pot a quick stir then plunge firmly but slowly. It should take around 20s to reach the bottom.

    Coffee experiments decant press

    6. Quickly decant brew into warmed drinking vessel. Contrary to popular belief, French Press coffee keeps brewing after plunging so it's important to decant before too many bitter flavors are extracted.

    French Press Variables

    Source Bean:H2O Time Grind Temp Notes
    Blue Bottle 1:10
    30s bloom, 4min brew coarse boil dense and heavy, vulnerable to over-extraction
    Stumptown 1:14
    1min bloom, 3min brew breadcrumb coarse 205°F an easy way to get truly excellent coffee at home
    Ritual 1:14
    1min bloom, 3min brew #5.5 medium 205°F heavy bodied with rich sweetness
    Sight Glass 1:16
    30s, Stir, 3:30min coarser 1min after boiling a more rounded sweetness backed by a satisfying mouth feel and body
    Verve 1:15
    30s bloom, knock down bloom coarser than drip after boil easiest way to start brewing at your house, heavy mouth feel