The Coffee Experiments

Brew Method: Clever

Coffee experiments clever

The Clever is a hybrid full-immersion and filtered brew method. Keeping the best features from the french press and the pour over, but removing some of the drawbacks by controlling the steeping time, and filtering out any suspended particulates. Coffee made with a Clever tends to be full bodied with a smooth finish.

Clever Brew Calculator

    • Small Cone
      V1 - #2 - 280ml
    • Regular
      V2 - #4 - 350ml
    • 1:12
    • 1:15
    • 1:17
    • 1:19
  • 9
    • 1 small mug
    • 1 mug
  • Instructions

    Coffee experiments instructions clever1

    1. Fold the filter paper at the seam and place it in the Clever.

    Coffee experiments instructions clever2

    2. Preheat water and using a slender spout water kettle, pour a small amount into the Clever to rinse the filter paper. You can run this water off into your mug to preheat the mug too.

    Coffee experiments instructions clever3

    3. Measure the beans on a scale and grind them in a burr grinder. Place fresh grounds into the Clever and give it a gentle shake so the grinds lie flat instead of in a heap. Tare the scale.

    Coffee experiments instructions clever4

    4. Starting at the center, pour the water in a slow and even spiral over the grounds to fully saturate the beans and remove air pockets. Start the timer and let bloom for 30sec.

    Coffee experiments instructions clever5

    5. Using the scales to measure, add the remaining water to the Clever. Then steep the coffee for an additional 3:30 min to extract the necessary flavour.

    Coffee experiments instructions clever6

    6. Discard pre-heat water from your mug. Place the Clever on the drinking vessel to decant the coffee. When the last drops are free from the Clever, enjoy.

    Clever Variables

    Source Bean:H2O Time Grind Temp Notes
    Sight Glass 1:19
    30s Bloom, 3:30min brew medium-coarse after the boil full, even extraction with a heavy body and mouth feel
    Verve 1:15
    30s bloom, 3min brew 18-22, same as french press after the boil basically a full immersion brewer to provide a consistently amazing coffee
    Coffee Experiments Preference 1:17
    30s bloom, 3:30min brew medium 96°C more full flavor range than the V-60 pourover, smooth mouth feel