The Coffee Experiments

Brew Method: Aeropress

Coffee experiments aeropress

An immersion, filtered, and high extraction method from pressure to make a strong espresso like brew. This method can be performed in a variety of ways. Can be prepared using the inverted or non-inverted method. Key identifiers are smooth, full flavor, and refined.

Instructions: Inverted Method

Coffee experiments instructions aeropress1

1. Assemble the plunger into the main vessel so the rubber stopper is aligned with the bottom of the “4”.

Coffee experiments instructions aeropress2

2. Pour pre-heated water into the aeropress to rinse and warm the brew vessel. Discard water into the mug to warm the drinking vessel as well.

Coffee experiments instructions aeropress3

3. Grind 2 scoops of beans in a burr grinder. Using the funnel, put them in the aeropress. Give a gentle shake to even the bed of grounds.

Coffee experiments instructions aeropress4

4. Pour enough water into the vessel to cover the bed of grounds. Make sure there are no air pockets and all beans are saturated. Start the timer and bloom for 30sec.

Coffee experiments instructions aeropress5

5. Pour the remaining water up to the top of the “1” mark.

Coffee experiments instructions aeropress6

6. At 1 minute on the timer, place the filter in the filter cap and attach firmly on the top of the press. (Remember to remove the pre-heat water from step 2 before adding coffee to the mug!)

Coffee experiments instructions aeropress7

7. Carefully invert the whole apparatus onto the drinking vessel, and over 15-20sec press down on the plunger to push the water through the beans into the drinking vessel. Note: the funnel can be used inbetween the aeropress and mug if the mug mouth is too narrow for the aeropress.

Coffee experiments instructions aeropress8

8. Enjoy this very strong brew, or add enough hot water to fill the drinking vessel (total liquid will be about 300ml).

Aeropress Variables Table

Source Bean:H2O Time Grind Temp Notes
Blue Bottle:
30s bloom, 1min brew fine grind - a bit more than for drip 200°F produces a cup that’s thick and focused, but still quite nuanced.
1min brew breadcrumb coarse 205°F an easy way to get truly excellent coffee at home
1.5min brew #3.5 (very fine) 205°F highly recommend as travel companion. Sturdy brewing system you can bring just about anywhere.
Sight Glass:
45s brew table salt 1min after boiling a wonderfully clean, refined, and expressive brew